Confident and Compliant ESG Reporting

The path to environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance is digital. EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor sets you up to succeed in ESG and make decisions for a better tomorrow.

Your Teams Should Not Be...

Intimidated by ESG disclosures

Resource Advisor was designed to help you navigate ESG frameworks with clarity and organize data with flexibility.

Interpreting data with minimal context

Centralizing ESG data from a variety of sources requires qualitative and quantitative context. Interpret your data with rich insight in Resource Advisor.

Afraid to own the ESG narrative

Communicate to executives and stakeholders with clear ESG performance metrics, trends, and projections in Resource Advisor.

Don't wait for external scrutiny. Level up your ESG strategy now.

Increased scrutiny means greater accountability. To win at business of tomorrow, companies must assemble the right technology, data, and experts today.

Be supported on your ESG journey with technology designed by one of the most sustainable companies in world.

We’ve been centralizing and managing energy and sustainability data for over a decade. Now, discover the expanded Resource Advisor functionality designed by Schneider Electric experts to solve your biggest ESG challenges.


Simplify Reporting with a Single Source of Truth

Measuring data is fundamental to managing ESG. Swiftly facilitate the internal and external acquisition of any data need for your ESG strategy in Resource Advisor.


Align with Global ESG Frameworks

Don’t be burdened by starting from scratch. With a global framework library built into Resource Advisor, you’re already ahead on day one!


Enable Enhanced Collaboration

Move away from emails and spreadsheets by bringing your team together to collaborate in Resource Advisor. With flexible user permissions, don’t worry about compromising collaboration for data quality.


Achieve Transparency and Auditability

You can now capture more than just data in Resource Advisor. Performance statements, comments, attachments and audit logs are all available for increased transparency and auditability.

Our self-serve model has the technology to support internal ESG teams.
For teams seeking a more holistic support system, we also provide technology, assessments, and consulting.

Award-winning software at your fingertips.

Resource Advisor is our award-winning, cloud-based energy and sustainability platform that puts all your data in one place for confident reporting and decision making.

Functionality Designed to Meet Your Biggest ESG Pain Points
Acquire data with ease
Search & Filter indicators
Build calculations
Acquire data with ease

A lot of your ESG data may live in other systems, which is why you get the option to choose from bulk uploads, API connections or manual data entry in Resource Advisor.

We outperform our competitors in internal and external data acquisition, so you can connect to external data sources, without the headache.

Search & Filter indicators

The indicator summary dashboard sets you up to search and filter on any ESG indicator, reducing time spent looking for what matters.

Resource Advisor also allows full access to standard fields plus the ability to edit custom fields so the system is set up to meet your unique ESG data needs.

Build calculations

Custom configure calculations within any ESG indicator in Resource Advisor.

You’ll be able to ask for absolute values and calculate further values for reporting purposes, making it possible to move past simple summary data and dig deeper.

Getting started in ESG has never been easier.
A Practical Guide to Basic, Better, and Best Corporate ESG Reporting
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